5 Easy Ways to Boost Immunity for the Fall and Winter

Beautiful woman enjoying in a sunny autumn day.

5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity for the Fall and Winter

In the fall and winter, our energy naturally starts to move inward toward introspection, rest and imagination. Unfortunately for many of us, life asks us to do the exact opposite, with the end of summer holidays, back-to-school routines, and a faster pace at the office.

This week, I’m sharing 5 easy tips to boost your immunity over the fall and winter, and to keep you happy, healthy and balanced.

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Recipe for Self-Healing: Kichari Soup


Recipe for Self-Healing: Kichari Soup

Kitchari is a basic dish in the ayurvedic way of life. It is fast, easy to prepare and supremely healing for the body-mind.

We often use kichari in our silent retreats, as it is light, easy to digest, detoxifying and gives strength and vitality. It is commonly used in panchakarma, the ayurvedic program for detoxification and rejuvenation, as it promotes detoxification, healing and rejuvenation at the cellular level.

A 1-3 day fast on kichari can help reset the digestive system in times of illness, over-indulgence or high-stress.

A 40-day fast on kicharee is said to heal any disease.

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