• Recipe for Self-Healing: Kichari Soup


    Recipe for Self-Healing: Kichari Soup

    Kitchari is a basic dish in the ayurvedic way of life. It is fast, easy to prepare and supremely healing for the body-mind.

    We often use kichari in our silent retreats, as it is light, easy to digest, detoxifying and gives strength and vitality. It is commonly used in panchakarma, the ayurvedic program for detoxification and rejuvenation, as it promotes detoxification, healing and rejuvenation at the cellular level.

    A 1-3 day fast on kichari can help reset the digestive system in times of illness, over-indulgence or high-stress.

    A 40-day fast on kicharee is said to heal any disease.

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  • Golden Healing Tea for Cold Season



    Golden Healing Tea for Cold Season

    This golden healing tea recipe is a perfect home brew for the cold season, and can also be used as a daily health tonic. It boosts immunity, helps fight colds or infections, balances the digestive system and calms the mind.

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  • Fall Self-Care: The Ayurvedic Self-Massage


    Self-oleation is one of my favourite ayurvedic self-care practices.

    Also called sneha (meaning both “oil” and “love”), it is a practice which is believed to have effects similar to being saturated by love : it is deeply healing, nourishing, strengthening and beautifying to all aspects of you.

    “By using oil massage daily, a person is endowed with pleasant touch, trimmed body parts and becomes strong, charming and least affected by old age”  – Charaka Samhita

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  • Ayurvedic Tips for the Fall Season

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    Ayurvedic Tips for the Fall Season

    As fall sets in, nature goes through many changes: the air becomes cooler, the leaves fall to the ground and the days are shorter.

    Believe it or not, the same changes that you see in the natural world are also going on inside your body.

    What are the best ways to stay balanced, strong and healthy during the fall?

    Ayurveda has a few recommendations.

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