Upcoming Course: Practical Awakening (Introduction to Meditation)

PRACTICAL AWAKENING: A 6-week course to support your spiritual awakening.

You will learn:

  • a simple and sustainable daily meditation practice;
  • the dynamics of mind, body, emotions and environment;
  • basic principles of natural wellness;
  • your capacity for higher states of perception (e.g. intuition).

This course is ideal for you if:

  • you are in a period of personal transition;
  • you are seeking ways to reduce stress, and naturally improve your health and creativity
  • you are curious to learn more about spirituality, meditation, accessing intuition or natural healing modalities;

What to expect:

  • yoga, breathing exercises and guided meditation (suitable for beginners and those of any experience level);
  • an exploration of the connection between mind, body and emotions;
  • an introduction to holistic health, based on your individual needs and body type;

No experience is required. This course is open to seekers of all levels of experience or background. We are not affiliated with any particular tradition or religion.

content young man sitting meditating in comfy chair on white
“This class has helped me understand myself better – how to be able to take a step back and see things from a more calm perspective.  Spirituality is something I had never tried to understand, yet it is one of the most important things we should learn to understand.  If everyone practiced it, the world would be a more loving place.  I strongly believe this is something that should be taught to our children in school!”

Wednesday, October 18 to November 22 , 2017 (6 weeks) from 7 pm – 9 pm
Location: 36 Simcoe Street in Ottawa.
Cost: $275

Spaces are limited; a $50 deposit is required to reserve your space.
Register by contacting briyafreeman@gmail.com

Your Guide

Briya Freeman has been facilitating courses in natural healing, meditation and stress reduction in both private and corporate settings since 2011.

She primarily draws her inspiration from her long term mentorship under the guidance of Berdhanya Swami Tierra, a female mystic and shaman of South American origin, which whom she regularly travels facilitating retreats across Canada and internationally.

Briya is committed to promoting consciousness as a foundation for more artful, inspired and deliberate ways of living. She currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario.

Learn more about Briya here


“Briya is kind, bright, sunny, simple, convincing, clear and patient. One of the best investments I have ever made. I intend to deepen my understanding with Briya and her associates.”- Peter

“The Practical Awakening course has surpassed all of my expectations. Coming into the course as someone going through a personal transition and looking for ways to work through that, learn more about myself and to make an overall investment into my physical, mental and emotional well being- I found everything that I was looking for. Moreover, Briya has introduced me to basics of meditation, finding comfort in stillness and inactivity in order to focus on my inner self. Great course and I greatly recommend it to all.” -Alex

“What makes this course stand out is that Briya has a gift to see where you are currently misaligned and can gently point you in the right direction.”  – Richard

Rejuvenative Drink for Vata Dosha

A rejuvenative, ashwaghanda-based vata-balancing drink.

The herb ashwaghanda gives endurance, resilience to stress, groundedness and virility. It is ideal for balancing vata and kapha dosha, and is a great herb to boost immunity and stability in the fall months.

Taken on a regular basis, it promotes sound sleep.

Its taste is a bit like a dry root (ginsengy) but using it in preparations like this one makes it palatable and actually delicious.

Get the recipe here

Article: The Benefits of A Daily Meditation Practice

Meditation is learning how to relax, just the way you are.

In our culture, it can be difficult to understand what a meditation practice really is, until we start our own practice.

I remember when a co-worker first told me that he practiced meditation, and I wondered: “What could he possibly be doing with all that silence?” 

I had always associated meditation practices with renunciates, ninjas and monks. As I read more about the benefits, I quickly learned that its practice is spreading like wildfire across the corporate world, as well as in the education and health care sector, as a way to manage high stress levels and improve performance.

Meditation is difficult to describe to someone who has never practiced before. However, I assure you that it’s a very natural, effortless process, and one that can bring great healing, joy and clarity into your life.

Read more about the benefits here

The Art of Eating : 7 Ayurvedic Tips for Energy & Digestion

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

However, the habits of the modern lifestyle — including high stress levels, working lunches and convenience foods — wreak havoc on our digestive systems  and take away from our ability to relax and enjoy our meals.

As a result, we are seeing an epidemic of food intolerances, allergies, weight problems or other digestive issues.

In this week’s article, I’m sharing 7 natural principles from Ayurveda to promote a more enjoyable relationship with your next meal.

Bon appetit!

July 17 in Ottawa: Introduction to the Practice of Fire Ceremony


An Ancient Practice with Physical, Spiritual & Environmental Benefits


Fire ceremonies have been practiced across the ages by different cultures and traditions for various benefits.

On Monday, July 17 at 7:30 pm, we’ll be providing a free introduction to 2 simple fire ceremonies that you can do at home to promote healing, purity and spiritual awareness.

One is an invocation of light and the second is called agni hotra (healing through fire).

Learn more the practice of agni hotra here

All welcome. Please RSVP.

36 Simcoe Street, in Ottawa (ON) – near Main & Lees


Online Course : Ayurveda & Your Health



Online Course:

Ayurveda & Your Health

What Is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga — a 5,000 year old healing modality which understands that body, mind and spirit are inextricably linked.

Ayurveda uses an in-depth understanding of natural laws — including using diet and plants as medicine, natural lifestyle principles and therapeutic modalities (e.g. massage, aromatherapy) to support total, radiant health.

Ayurveda also teaches us that each individual has unique needs, depending on our natural constitution, our age, our lifestyle and our environment. Ayurveda invites us to create balance by honouring the needs of our inner and outer worlds.


Course Overview

In this 6-week online course, you’ll be introduced to some simple yet powerful principles to bring balance to your day-to-day life, including:

  • Why your body is unique : Understanding the 3 Mind-Body Types
  • Eating for taste, digestion and self-healing
  • Introduction to the Energetics of Food and Herbs;
  • Natural ways to support better digestion, elimination and metabolism;
  • Exploring the Formation of Toxins : Physical, Genetic & Karmic
  • Principles, therapies & herbs for cleansing, detoxification and chronic stress;
  • Delicious recipes and self-care practices for energy and physical rejuvenation.

This course is ideal for you if:

  • you want to explore natural, practical and time-tested principles for better health;
  • you are ready to re-conceive your relationship with your body, to improve digestion, energy levels and overall health;
  • you want to reduce stress levels and create more balance in your day-to-day life;
  • you are interested in learning more about natural healing arts, yoga, or other spiritual practices.

No experience required. All welcome.

“I’m truly grateful for having Briya as my teacher. She carries warmth, understanding and no judgment. I look forward to many more teachings!” -Keely

“Briya is kind, bright, sunny, simple, convincing, clear and patient. One of the best investments I have ever made. I intend to deepen my understanding with Briya and her associates.” – Peter


Tuesdays, September 19 – Oct 24 (6 weeks )
8:30 pm – 9:30 pm Eastern Time Zone (6:30 pm – 7:30 pm MST)
Cost: $225
Location: Skype


To Register/Inquiries: 
Advance registration is required. Contact briyafreeman@gmail.com or call 819-598-6380.

Full course contents are available here