Private Counselling Sessions


“It’s not what you think.”

A confidential 60-minute session to shed light on your present challenges, goals and aspirations.


Possible topics of discussion:

  • Personal goals and aspirations;
  • Areas where you may feel stuck, limited or unfulfilled;
  • Stress management (including anxiety and depression);
  • Relationships;
  • Health and vitality, including ayurvedic counselling;
  • Private meditation coaching;
  • Spiritual understanding and self-realization.


About Briya

DoXp0_0wBriya’s offers a unique perspectives coming from over 15 years of study and practice in meditation, mind-body healing, shamanism, ayurveda, mysticism, yoga and modern spirituality.

Briya’s clients regularly report feeling greater peace of mind, positive energy, personal direction and resilience to stress.

Read more about her work or see client testimonials. 


How Do I Start?

You can register for your session below, and we will contact you to set up your time and date. You can also schedule a class with Briya by using this form.

Fees (60 minute session)

  • Adults: $80 / hour
  • Student price: $60 / hour

Our Locations:


How Should I Prepare?

  • No advance preparation is needed; however, you may wish to make a list of your questions before our meeting;
  • The best approach is to come with an open mind.

Coaching/Counseling with Briya


Coaching/Counseling with Briya (Student Price)