Spiritual Counselling

Personal Development Coaching and Spiritual Counselling

These 60-minute spiritual counselling sessions can help you to connect with your life in a new and more meaningful way.

They are especially helpful if you feel ready to take a closer look at areas of your life where you may feel stuck, limited, unfulfilled or in need of a new perspectives.

Possible topics of discussion in your session may include:

  • Personal goals and aspirations;
  • Stress management (including anxiety and depression);
  • Relationship patterns and emotional fulfillment;
  • Health, energy and vitality, including ayurvedic lifestyle counselling;
  • Private meditation coaching;
  • Spiritual understanding and self-realization.

In your session, expect feedback that is truthful, practical, and which speaks to the foundation of your energetic (material and spiritual) reality. The best approach is to come with an open mind.


About Briya

Briya’s work draws from over 15 years’ experience as a facilitator and student of meditation, mind-body healing, shamanism, ayurveda, mysticism, yoga and modern spirituality.

Her clients report feeling greater peace of mind, engagement, revitalization,  positive energy, reassurance, resilience to stress and direction.

Read more about her work or see client testimonials. 


How Do I Start?

You can register for your session below, and we will contact you to set up your time and date. You can also schedule a class with Briya by using this form.

Fees (60 minute session)

  • Adults: $80 / hour
  • Student price: $60 / hour

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