What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening usually begins with an awareness that life operates on more planes (or levels of existence) than most people realize. 

In awakening, we go from the perception of a black-and-white, linear reality (go to school, get a job, get married, struggle) to realize that we belong to a broader field of awareness, connection and potentiality.

For many, awakening can occur at times of health crisis, depression or in major life transitions. Here, life gives you a squeeze (or a push) which brings you face-to-face with any part of yourself that has not been fully understood or acknowledged. You start asking questions, as your soul seeks answers.

To really wake up, you need to be brave, unwavering self-commitment.

As your consciousness changes, you will come face-to-face with your bad habits, your anger, your aspirations, your limited perceptions, your higher potentials and your undigested traumas. The test here is not to get discouraged by anything you find, not to back out when you find any discomfort within. Learning to face both the darkness and the light within  Facing the dark and the lightness within urely find your greatest liberation.  

Awakening changes how you perceive the world around you. While most people see themselves as isolated organisms (me vs. the world outside me), an awakening individual recognizes that they are not separate from what is outside of them, that they are somehow contributing to their own experience of reality (as well as that of the collective) through your choices, thoughts and actions.

You somehow realize that your small, limited, angry, frustrated, mistake-making human form is somehow connected to a larger, infinite, cosmic intelligence, a creative power that loves life just the way it is. Awakening simultaneously asks that you acknowledge your superpower as a human, and to surrender to the power of the unknown. 

Awakening changes how you relate to yourself. You see things differently, you breathe differently, you relax from your core and you start to make wiser choices. You start to experiment with life, giving yourself space to move outside the habitual, and to explore your interests, your longings, your healing, your gifts, your truth and your knowing. 

Every step that you take in the direction of love is acknowledged by life, through growing awareness, new challenges, new adventures and a network of unending synchronistic support.