The Yoga of Digestion

Did you know that the health of your entire body depends on the strength of your digestive system?

Proper digestion creates a foundation for a healthy immune system, healthy body tissues (i.e. beautiful skin, clear eyes, strong bones and muscles) and the proper elimination of waste (i.e. your daily bowel movements).

In modern society, digestive ailments have become increasingly common, as we move further away from natural ways of eating. More and more people are suffering from food allergies/intolerances, digestive discomfort (hyper-acidity, gas, bloating), nutritional deficiencies, obesity, chronic constipation and erratic eating habits.


In this course, you will learn about :

  • your body’s natural process of digestion and and common ways we sabotage it;
  • lifestyle habits and simple herbal remedies from both Eastern and Western traditions which support healthy, strong digestion;
  • how to optimize your digestion through diet and simple, at-home cleansing practices.

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