The Utter Simplicity of Seasonal Cleansing: How to & Why

I highly encourage most people to  consider a seasonal detox at the spring and fall season.

A seasonal cleanse or dietary adjustment is not a modern health trend or yogic fad, but a simple way to recognize the changing needs of our body with each season. We are made of earth and our proximity to her wisdom is true health.


The art and science of changing your diet with each passing season actually pre-dates all of religious traditions. The wealth of a post-industrialized society has made certain foods available year-round, which are not natural to our cycles. For example, the winter season should see a natural shift toward stews and root vegetables, rather than tropical fruits and salads. While we are blessed with current levels of prosperity, we also see that distorted relationship with earth rhythms creates distortions in our mind-bodies, and inhibits

My first cleansing soup recipe was given to me by a beloved adopted European grandmother, who  taught me to make “la soupe verte” (green soup, a recipe from Southern France). She recommended that we eat this every Sunday evening to improve complexion, digestion, immunity “et pour garder sa ligne” (maintain one’s figure). We would enjoy the soup together over French conversation classes, breaking traditional rules of cleansing with a side of brie.

You don’t necessarily need to do anything major to take on a cleanse, unless you want to. I’ve included a few recipes below as suggestions for how to gently lighten your diet at this time of year. You can do a lot just by starting your day with warm water and lemon, decreasing refined foods, incorporating greens, exercise and breathwork. Herbs as also incredibly helpful (I especially like the herbal formula triphala, available in most health food stores). If you have any health complications, or want to undertake a more serious cleanse, I recommend working with a naturopath, acupuncturist or ayurvedic practioner that you trust. Cleanses are not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.