The Temple of Grace


This transformative 5-week course explores the themes of original innocence, inhibition, grace and personal potential.

Course components:

  • basic introduction of the soul’s journey to matter
  • the mechanics of higher guidance;
  • gentle yoga and guided meditation;
  • exercises in self-reflection, art and journaling;


There are no pre-requisites for this course, although it is ideal for those who have taken Practical Awakening

See upcoming courses for more information


“I am in awe and deep, heart-felt gratitude at how much transformation, healing and elevation has been catalysed for me through my work with Briya Freeman.
(…) I can honestly say that the level of clarity and wisdom that comes through this extraordinary young woman is truly remarkable and indeed, a great gift to anyone that has the honor of working with her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Briya. You are a gift to this Earth.”
“I enjoyed the course because it helped me to be in the moment and to appreciate life better.”

– Carissa


“I thought I knew a lot about spiritual concepts but I was wrong, there is still much to learn! I have a sincere respect for meditation and the techniques I learned.  Thanks Briya” 

– Genevieve

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