New Year’s Message


wishing you the best in the year to come

clarity, purpose, adventure

I’ve never really made a big deal out of New Year’s Eve, personally. When I was growing up, my parents always emphasized that the best way to make changes was the establish consistently good habits, gradually over time. I also feel like, today, I am constantly in rebirth mode, with each new equinox, solstice, retreat or course offering new insights… And possibly being reborn in each moment!

This New Year falls on the New Moon (on January 1), which, for those who follow a lunar calendar, offers another type of rebirth or renewal. 
If you’re trying to tap into an unexplored part of yourself in the new year — healthier habits, a different type of career, more satisfying relationships, or just a commitment to more happiness or a deeper expression of spirituality in general — I highly recommend checking out the course Practical Awakening with starts January 2 in Chelsea. Modern, expansive and grounding, this course helps you to establish yourself in a dynamic daily meditation practice, and also explores holistic health and bioenergetic knowledge from a perspective that may very well blow your mind… or at least settle it down a little… 

If you’re completed Practical Awakening and are ready to immerse yourself in the next step of your inner journey (yes, you’re ready!), I would recommend the Temple of Grace Course, which provides a really sweet introduction to the first layer of the soul bodies. The themes of this course are purity, trust and guidance — exploring the angelic nature and higher guidance available.

I’ll be also stating up another session of drop-in meditation class here in Chelsea on January 8. 

Last but not least, if you are dealing with post-holidays indigestion (ie. bloating, fatigue, lack of appetite,  skin inflammations, acne, sugar cravings, etc), I’ve also included below some simple vegetarian recipes which should help to give your digestion a break!

In the year to come, I wish for you all the best of prosperity, grace and adventure.

In Service,