Shatavari Milk

almond-milkI love to make this warm and nourishing milk on cold days.

Shatavari is a herb commonly used in ayurveda for feminine health. It’s name actually means “she who has 1000 husbands” (!), as the root is known for enhancing fertility. As a member of the asparagus family, it is most commonly used to balance the reproductive system and improve hormonal balance. It’s great for irregular cycles, mood swings, irritability and menopausal hot flashes.  Research has focused on its immune stimulating properties, as well as its anti-inflammatory properties.

I personally like to take it in a warm milk in the afternoons, or in a remedy ball with ghee and honey.

Here is one recipe that you can try:

1 ½ cups unsweetened almond milk
1 tsp shatavari powder
pinch of ginger powder
1/8 tsp. cinnamon
honey (or other sweetener) to taste

Place the milk on the stove to warm, and place the powders separately in a mug. Once the milk has warmed, add a small amount to the powders to make them into a paste. Slowly add the rest of the milk, stirring as you go so that the herbs become well blended into the milk. Shatavari on it’s own is a bitter and sweet – but you’ll likely want to sweeten it a bit more with honey, stevia, coconut sugar or maple syrup. Avoid heating honey.

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