Reclaiming Our Power of Ceremony


My Baptism Story

My first ceremony was my baptism into the Catholic Church.

I had not been baptized as an infant. My parents were loosely Catholic, teaching us to question social standards and any authority outside ourselves. However, because we went to a French-Catholic school, they wanted us to be able to participate in certain activities, so they decided to have us baptized.

I was about 8 years old on the day of the ceremony, and was accompanied by my cousin, sister and parents. We were all in good spirits and laughed right to the door of the Church, at which point, we had to pretended to be solemn and serious. I distinctly remember by father and uncle trying to stifle their merriment, like schoolboys in the pews. This was what holiness seemed to be about.

The ceremony was short and anti-climatic. I left the Church feeling no cleaner than when I had arrived. More importantly, I felt that I already knew how to access God whenever I needed to. So what was this really ceremony really about?

In our current social context — as in my baptism story — many of us have been handed confusing social norms and watered down ceremonies which don’t really nourish our true connection with Spirit.

True Ceremony is an Invitation To Connect With Yourself

The true power of ceremony seeks to promote direct access to our primal, original source of knowing, power and love. They teach us to live life in ways that reconcile us with truth, passion, aliveness and connection to others. When performed with pure intention, ceremonies serve as powerful medicine to offset the fear, social alienation, confusion and density consciousness that prevail in these times.

Ceremonies can help to support states of awareness which help you to realize the vast potentiality both within you and in the world around you. It is a natural state of being, that is many of us have been taught to fear or condemn for its wildness. This state of perception is available to anyone willing to live life from their heart.

Ceremonies can be performed in various formats or purposes, depending on the tradition. The use of elements (e.g. water, fire, smoke, plants) can also be used to enhance the ceremony.


My Work in Ceremonies

I have had the great pleasure of being initiated into several ceremonies under Berdhanya Swami Tierra, which I am pleased to be offering this spring here in Ottawa:

In Service,