Agni Hotra: The Practice of Fire Ceremony

An Ancient Practice with Physical, Spiritual & Environmental Benefits


Fire Ceremonies Throughout History

Earth-based cultures have long recognized the power of fire ceremonies to purify, connect and support our relationship with the natural world.

The element of Fire is associated with leadership, brilliancy, passion, courage and intelligence. It grants the power of transformation — the power to digest, assimilate and convert our food  (and experiences) into pure energy, and to eliminate what is toxic or unnecessary.

“All we want is the brilliance, smartness, charisma and joy of the Sun. Fire ceremonies put before you a feast of these qualities.”

– Berdhanya Swami Tierra

Fire is related to digestion. When our inner fire is weak, we lack enthusiasm, determination and self-assuredness. When our inner fire is too strong, it becomes a negative, destructive force in our lives (e.g. burn-out, anger).

Understanding Agni Hotra: The Practice of Fire Ceremony

Agni hotra is a fire ceremony originating from the ancient science of Ayurveda. This practice is not associated with any religion but on the understanding of natural laws and principles. It is a simple practice with healing benefits for your body, your home and for our Earth. Agni hotra can be performed by anyone of pure intention.

Agni hotra means healing through fire : agni means fire and hotra means healing.

The agni hotra fire ceremony is performed at sunrise or sunset, and takes about 7 minutes to perform. It uses natural elements (rice, cow dung, ghee, a copper pyramid) and a simple mantra (vibrational language) to create a subtle, healing smoke and energy in the atmosphere.

Today, this healing ceremony is being performed by thousands of people around the world — across North America, South America, and Western and Eastern Europe — for various healing, spiritual, environmental and agricultural benefits.


The Benefits of Fire Ceremony (Agni Hotra)

“You heal the environment and the environment heals you.”

The practice of agni hotra is incredibly beneficial in the world today, as we see that war, natural devastation, environmental pollutants (e.g. chemtrails), social disharmony and stress levels are on the rise. Our bodies, minds and thoughts are connected energetically to everything that happens on the planet, whether we are aware or not. Our smallest actions to purify our homes and ourselves can benefit the whole.

Agni hotra serves to both connect us on a subtle level to the natural world, and also  to purify our environment (reduce pollution and environmental toxins).

It is generally difficult to believe in the benefits of something without actually experiencing it in person. However, the benefits of agni hotra have been studied scientifically, and there are some very powerful testimonies from people around the world who have benefited from its practice.

The benefits of agni hotra include:

Promoting Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Wellness 

  • Removing stress and tension in mind and environment
  • Clearing negative thought patterns and establishing a positive outlook characterized by love;
  • Reduction of anger, addictions and self destructive habits;
  • Promotes healing vibrations in your home and enhancing the practice of meditation;

Agricultural Benefits:

  • Nourishing plant life and neutralizes harmful radiation and pathogenic bacteria;
  • Benefits farmers & agricultural (up to 150 acres) growing vegetables, fruits, grains, etc., without chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides;
  • Introduction of mini-climate techniques that become self-operating based on the phases of sun and moon.


Environmental Benefits:

  • Purification of the air we breathe by removal of toxins in the atmosphere (e.g. chemtrails); purification of contaminated water


  • Ayurveda uses both the atmosphere generated by the fire & the ashes in the prevention and curing of diseases (serving as a medicine for humans, plants and animals);
  • Neutralizes the effects caused by radiation.




You are invited to join me on Monday, July 17 @ 7:30 pm – 9pm (it’s a sunset ceremony) to learn this practice and experience the benefits.

This ceremony is taught free of charge and all are welcome. Please RSVP.

Location: Berdhanya Swami Tierra Teaching Centre, 36 Simcoe Street, Ottawa

To RSVP and/or for details: or at 819-598-6380



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