*a 10-minute spa treatment that you can do from home…*

Feeling Stressed? Mental Fatigue?

Want To Improve Your Focus?

You may not notice how much chronic stress affects your body, mind and emotions — especially if you are used to living a busy life.

I remember one of my friends from university commenting that — after 6 years in an office job, he felt like was getting less intelligent! Mental decline is not a necessary part of ageing — we just need to learn simple self-care practices that help us to remove stress that naturally accumulates in our bodies.

In the science of ayurveda, we often use warm oil to gently move toxins from the body.

The bliss compress is a simple 10 minute treatment to help relax stress & tension from the mind. When performed on a regular basis (i.e. 1-2x per month), it can really help to support a state of mind that is stress-free, focused and creative. Note: For some of you, this might take a few treatments…!

Check it out here and let me know what you think…

In Service,


*april news*: what i’ve been up to…

Dear friends,

I hope this message finds you well.

After a quiet winter, I’m writing a short update to bring you up to speed on some personal news.

As some of you may know, I took the decision this September to officially resign from my full-time job with the federal government. It was a big move, after 11 years of service, but one I had always known would come (from day 1 in the government, actually). When I made the decision, I honestly did not know exactly what I would come next, I just knew that it was time to move on. Everyone at work kept asking what my plan was…!

Since my “retirement”, I have mostly taken a break from teaching to do some travelling, writing, spiritual study and self-care. I have also had the great pleasure of visiting Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Belize, and have had some amazing and really sweet experiences.

Retreat with Berdhanya Swami Tierra in Belize

I also recently received a new spiritual name — Briya — which means light or untouched. Spiritual names are used in various world traditions to mark the transition to a new state of being or frequency; mine came after a few powerful personal transitions over the last year, through my teacher, Berdhanya Swami Tierra. After 6.5 years of study with Berdhanya, I remain inspired (and mostly, in awe) of the depths of the spirituality we are exploring together.

If you are in Ottawa, I hope that you are all enjoying the much anticipated arrival of spring. I know I am.

I look forward to connecting with many of you in the coming months, and will keep you posted on any upcoming courses.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.

In Service,


*self-care tips from ayurveda for spring*

It’s finally spring …! Have you noticed any changes in your appetite, energy levels and mood?

For example:

  • are you finding it harder to get up in the morning? or feel heavy when you try to do anything physical?
  • do you have a cold, mucus or congestion?
  • do you feel lazy, stagnant or depressed?
  • have you noticed a decrease in your appetite?

or perhaps, have you noticed:

  • a boost in energy levels?
  • feeling like you want to renew some parts of yourself (meet new people, learn a new skill, clean out your closet)?

At springtime  — like the melting snow outside — everything that has accumulated in your body over the winter months melts into the subtle channels of your body.

This can cause symptoms (such as colds, sensitive digestion or moodiness), which indicate that your body is doing what it should at this time of year: spring cleaning.

The secret to staying balanced at spring is to understand and care for kapha dosha.

This week, I’m sharing 7 simple tips to stay balanced this spring season to help you to manage any transition symptoms you may be feeling. These tips are easy, intuitive and mostly free to implement.

Check it out & let me know what you think!

In Service,


*Golden Milk* : a drink recipe that you will love…

Golden milk is a nourishing drink that has been used in the yogic tradition for centuries. It is a great substitute to appease your latte craving (!!!) and makes a great breakfast drink. Or, it can also be enjoyed at bedtime, to promote sound sleep (just add nutmeg).

You can use the milk of your preference and a spice combination to suit your constitution. Golden milk is a delicious way to a great to get your daily dose of turmeric, a spice that purifies the mind, increases flexibility and reduce inflammation in the body. Turmeric also helps to improve intestinal flora and skin complexion.

Get the recipe here 

For Children : Allowing Silence


I love this article, from the Ottawa Council of the Child, written by my friend Radgemd Escandon.

She speaks about the importance of allowing children to go into silence — as they naturally do — and how this ‘unproductive space’ allows for natural depth of perception, creativity and peacefulness to come forward.


Check it out! Here


The Most Powerful Tool That You Have for Self-Care…

Did you know…

The most powerful tool that you have for self-care and rejuvenation is your breath.

In Ancient India, the rishis (yogis recognized as sages or seers) would teach yogic breath techniques to the kings and rulers governing the land. They knew that by sharing this knowledge in the high courts, they would help their leaders to govern with clarity of mind, courage, compassion and breadth of perception. This, in turn, would help to bring justice, peace, and prosperity to the people.

If you are new to meditation or yoga, working with the breath is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce stress and bring clarity to your mind and emotions.

Read more about the effects of yogic breathing exercises here

10 Plants to Get to Know in 2017

Happy 2017!

I hope you had a great and restful holiday season.

With the new cycle upon us, most people are thinking about setting new personal goals, resolutions or intentions for the year to come.

Often, we think that achieving our goals is about mind-over-matter— that with a certain amount of discipline, hard work and focus, we can achieve anything. In many ways, this is true.

From another perspective, the loving care of your matter (latin mater: mother, feminine, earth aspect of self) is incredibly important. Here, the plant world offers an incomparable diversity of support, helping us to restore a stress-free attitude, mental clarity, physical stamina, and a compassionate heart.

I’ve made a shortlist of 10 plants to get to know in 2017. These are especially helpful if you are trying to establish health goals or personal resolutions, or if you are feeling a little out-of-balance after a decadent holiday.

Enjoy, and best wishes for 2017.