About Panchakarma: The Ayurvedic Program for Detoxification & Rejuvenation


Panchakarma is a powerful, beautiful and gentle program used in ayurveda to detoxify and rejuvenate the body-mind. It is serves to balance the doshas, prevent disease and promote balanced tissues and longevity.

The benefits of panchakarma include:

  • Greater immunity, vitality and strength (increases ojas);
  • Improves and regulates the major systems of the body, including the digestive and nervous systems;
  • Reduces stress levels; improves mental calm and clarity;
  • Reduces insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritability, anger and/or mental agitation;
  • Increases skin’s glow and luster;
  • Revitalizes sexual function and/or low libido (e.g. can be done before conceiving a child)
  • Reduces dependency on external stimulants (alcohol, coffee, sugar drugs) (increases natural energy);
  • Reverses the aging process;
  • Can be used to prevent and treat more complex health issues;
  • Supports the transformation of consciousness.

Panchakarma is best performed in the fall or winter, supported by an ayurvedic doctor or therapist.

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Tri-Doshic Spinach Dahl

This lovely tri-doshic recipe combines mung bean dahl and spinach for a protein packed lunch that is grounding, nourishing and easy to digest. 

Mung beans provide stable energy, grounded energy and are easy to digest. They can assist in balancing the doshas and promoting sattva (a calm mind, clarity and contentment). Mung beans are alkalizing, high in fibre and low on the glycemic index. In combination with a balanced diet and exercise, regular meals made with mung beans can assist in keeping balanced weight without reducing energy levels or feeling restricted or ungrounded. 

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Seaweed Salad


This simple salad makes a delicious side dish, especially in the summer months when garden herbs are abundant. In the winter, you can substitute the fresh herbs with grated carrot.

Seaweed has a very high iron content, and is nourishing to the blood and plasma. It helps to strengthen digestion, counteract obesity and is anti-aging. Arame is especially good for the female reproductive system.

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*new online course*: Ayurveda & Your Health


Online Course:

Ayurveda & Your Health

Ayurveda is often called the sister science of yoga — it is a 5,000 year old natural healing science that focuses on promoting & enhancing the overall health, wellness and longevity of the individual.

This 4-week course provides an introduction to the key components of the healing science of ayurveda.

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Summer Yoga & Meditation Series With Briya

Are you a graduate of Practical Awakening?
  • Would you like support with your practice?
  • Or, do you need some summer inspiration?
  • Would you like some help to go back to your daily practice, after a period of absence?

If so, join Briya on Wednesdays for an indoor/outdoor yoga & meditation series.


Summer Yoga & Meditation Series With Briya

  • Gentle yoga + meditation suitable for all experience levels;
  • Open to all graduates of the Practical Awakening Course;
  • Meet @ 36 Simcoe Street; classes will be held indoors or, hopefully (!) outdoors @ Springhurst Park (weather permitting);
  • Your questions regarding your meditation practice and ayurvedic diet and lifestyle are also welcome.
Starts Wednesday, May 31 – June 28 (no class June 21)
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm @ 36 Simcoe Street; $15 per session
For more info or to register: briyafreeman@gmail.com or text 819-598-6380
Curious about Practical Awakening? Learn more here

Essential Herbal Formula : Triphala


Triphala is probably the best ayurvedic formula for general detoxification & rejuvenation of the body. It has no known side effects and can offer great support to those suffering from digestive sensitivities, constipation, low iron levels, acne or weight gain.
Triphala is a simple compound of 3 fruits that balances the 3 doshas. It is one of the first formulas that I recommend to vegetarians, as well as those interested in yoga, meditation, natural medicine or self-healing. 

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