On Resistance to Meditation

It’s very natural to encounter resistance to meditation.

Do you always enjoy cleaning the house? …. Not necessarily!

You do it, however, for several reasons. Perhaps it allows you to be more efficient and organized. You want to enjoy your living space more fully. You might have allergies to dust. Or maybe you do it in case guests happens to stop by unexpectedly… in which case, you can comfortably host and enjoy yourself.

In the same way we clean our house regularly, a meditation practice is like a regular energetic tidy-up. Except instead of focusing on your house, we are focusing on YOU — the way you think, the way you feel, the way you relate to others, the way you perceive yourself…

A regular meditation practice keeps you fresh, focused and energetically clean. It prepares you to be at your best for whatever life throws your way. If your mind is like a dirty kitchen, it’s more difficult to realize (or even see) your unique gifts and natural human potential. Try to cook in a dirty kitchen, and you end up with a pretty erratic meal.

Most people fall in the trap of using their mind to try to start their meditation practice. The mind is the voice that gives you excuses to delay, to put yourself second, to prioritize other things, to call yourself lazy or not worth it. Living life from the mind is like living on a hamster wheel:  very difficult to get anywhere and you always feel like you are running, running, and yet stuck in a cage.


The easiest way to drop any resistance is to connect with your heart. The heart is instant. It knows your reasons for taking up this practice — likely even beyond what the mind understands. It knows how to align you with synchronicity and it knows what is best for you. Your heart offers a space of neutrality and of total, no excuses presence. It connects you with your physical body, which is the connection you need to do anything in physical reality. It is your connection between inspiration and matter.

No matter what your reason is for taking up meditation — and any reason is good — try not to be fooled by the mind’s excuses to delay.If you wait until next week or next month to begin, you will always be waiting. The only power you have is in the power of your presence right now.

Also, it’s very normal for your mind to be loud and unruly in the beginning… Just as you don’t stop cleaning your house when you find a little dust under the couch, don’t let agitation discourage you.

Keep your commitment with friendliness.

As soon as you sit down, the pressure will be off. 


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