Light & Simple Ayuvedic-Inspired Cleanse


This gentle 3-day program seeks to restore your body’s natural state of balance and well-being. It seeks to restore greater well-being on all levels — mind, body, emotions, spirit. This cleanse can be done at any time of year, although most suitable times are at the change of the seasons at the beginning of the fall and spring.

Note: Please read the entire article before beginning this cleanse. Those with health complications or a high level of toxins should seek the guidance of an ayurvedic doctor or therapist : this self-test will help you determine if an ayurvedic therapist is recommended to support you during your cleanse.)

Please avoid this program if you are elderly, for children or pregnant women. This program in no way seeks to replace medical advice. You should always discuss any dietary change with your doctor before beginning any new health regimen.

Your 3-Day Program

Take 3 consecutive days where you can rest and lighten your diet.

Follow the dietary guidelines below:

Internal Oleation: Take 2 teaspoons of flax seed oil or ghee with your morning meal.

Meals: You will take 3 meals a day which consist only of kicharee. If you know your ayurvedic constitution, you can tailor the recipe with suitable vegetables and spices.

Drink: Choose a tea of fennel, burdock, dandelion or nettle to drink throughout the day. You should be drinking at least 2L of this herbal water daily during your cleanse. Hot or warm water is best.

Herbs: Before bed, take 2-3 teaspoons triphala powder with a cup of hot water.


During the Cleanse

Take as much rest as possible. Try to avoid unpleasant conversation and the computer or television. Take time to for gentle walks, to be in nature, journal, sleep, do art or gentle yoga and meditation.

It is normal to encounter some resistance in the first few days on a cleanse, either to the diet or to the more restful pace. Resistance in your mind and discomfort in the body are a normal part of letting go. Just be patient with yourself; these sensations will pass quickly as the body adjusts and allows itself to heal. Journaling, meditation or nature can help process the emotions or thoughts that come up.


After The Cleanse

We want to return you to your normal diet gradually. On the day after the cleanse (Day 4), you can prepare a simple dahl and cook the rice separately, and variety to the vegetables. On Day 6, you can reintroduce cooked fruits into your diet, and variety to the grain. On Day 8, you can return to your normal diet, but try to keep food choices light and simple for the next week.

After the cleanse is a great time to revisit lifestyle habits that avoid the formation of toxins and proper food combinations. You can also choose to introduce an ayurvedic supplement called chyawanprash into your diet, available at most health food stores : chyawanprash is a sweet jam that is great for the immune system and overall health. Try it, it is delicious! A reward for your efforts!


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