January News: Tuning In With The Heart


Dear Ones,

I hope you are having a great 2018!

For many of us, the beginning of the year can be a time of great internal stirrings. Energetically, we are being invited to rehash, reconsider, dismantle and restructure the patterns and habits of the year before.

At this time, it’s natural if you feel the impulse to make some changes, take on new habits, make resolutions, to deal with your issues (health or otherwise) or “try to be a better person”. It’s also natural to feel some dissatisfaction, frustration or questioning, as you look at your life with a readiness for the new.

If this is true for you, recognize that there isn’t anything “wrong” with you personally. Our present times offer strong forces of renovation, both on a personal and planetary level, and we are being given the opportunity to upgrade, with each and every moment.

In facing change, your best guide is always your heart (or your inner knowing). While your mind will want to take you on a wild ride into the dimension of fear, judgment, rules, condemnation or control, your heart has a way of being that is simple, stabilizing, healing and attentive to the needs of the moment.

Your heart has a way of knowing that operates beyond the rules of the mind. It operates IMG_20171227_154512_289well in both chaos (where the rules of the mind break down) and in simplicity (where you just are). Your heart is the source of your strength, your love and your connection to others as equals. It doesn’t need to know all the details; it doesn’t need to assert power or dominance; it will move you in ways that are simple, organic, useful, intelligent and dynamic.

Your daily meditation practice is one of your best tools to turn down the volume on your mind and help the heart to come forward, naturally. To support your journey toward the heart, and the great process of renovation that is going on in the year to come, I also have a few great programs coming up for the winter months.

I hope you can join us!

Here is the schedule:

  • The Ra Ceremony: A powerful, 3-hour ceremony exploring the impact of our spiritual contracts in the subconscious mind (soul bodies), as a platform for conscious relationship. Hands-on and experiential. Suitable for those interested in exploring subconscious dynamics related to authority, boundaries or intimacy. February 24 in Edelweiss, $108. Click here for course and registration details.
  • Dreams: Language of the Soul: Explore powerful tools to decode your dreams, improve the quality of your sleep and relax beyond the imaginable. Starts March 8 in Ottawa. 4 weeks, $265. Click here for course and registration details.
  • Practical Awakening: The Edelweiss Edition: A 6-week course introducing you to a daily meditation practice, natural self-healing and a new way of perceiving your reality. Starts February 28 in Edelweiss, $325.  Click here for course and registration details.

I hope to see you soon…! Have a great week.

In Service,