Hello Spring Equinox

In the northern hemisphere, the transition to spring equinox is upon us, with energies ramping up over the next 3 days.

Have you felt the change?

Nature’s energies are now  becoming more outward and expansive (the yang of masculine principle).

Like the maple syrup flowing in our trees, nature is now promoting the movement of anything that has been hibernating or stagnant over the winter: in your body, your habits, your thought processes, your relationships, your home, your work… and your closet!

Spring, on all levels, invites our renewal….

As our bodies adjust, we sometimes see a rise in spring symptoms, including slow digestion, lack of appetite, mucus congestion, craving for sweets, weight gain and/or fatigue.

Ayurvedically, spring is the season in which we need to balance kapha dosha.

Me with my beloved Tulsi Plant

On a physical level, this is a good time to lighten your diet, enjoy a few gentle detox practices and enjoy long walks outdoors.

To help you out, with this, I am sharing 3 of my Favourite Herbal s for Spring– to help boost energy and digestion, decrease food cravings, support gentle weight loss and help you adjust to the new season.

I’m also looking forward to rolling out a new course in herbalism for self-healing, starting April 19 in Ottawa.

Stay tuned for details & have a great week.