Tips for Adjusting to the Fall Season

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Just as nature supplies us with foods that are more grounding and earthy at this time of the year (think sweet potatoes, squashes and root vegetables), the science of ayurvedic lifestyle also provides us with certain recommendations for how we can support our body’s transition into the new season.

Adjusting your lifestyle does not have to be complicated. You can start by reducing the cold food in our diet — such as salads, melons and raw foods in general — and incorporating foods that have a little more fat, and are nourishing and grounding. It also means trying to keep a stable routine as much as possible (eating meals and going to bed at the same time every night). The air element is pre-disposed to movement, coldness and expansion, and so we try to balance that with opposite habits of grounding, containment and warmth. So wear a hat and no skipping meals!

Making these adjustments to your diet and lifestyle is especially important if you have a greater predominance of vata the air element in your constitution or are suffering from the signs of vata imbalance, including insomnia, nervousness or fear, dry skin, difficulty in focusing, or arthritis.

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