Customized Corporate Training

Customized training Sessions, Workshops & Retreats


  • Areas of focus include: work-life balance, stress resilience, interpersonal mindfulness, mindful communication, mindfulness meditation, etc.
  • Tailored to the needs of your group.


  • Half-day workshops;
  • Full-day workshops/retreats;
  • Executive retreats;
  • Continuous Education Program: Regular sessions throughout the year (e.g. 1½ – 2 hour sessions, held once a week or once month over a one-year period).


  • Theory & knowledge;
  • Self-reflection exercises & interactive group exercises;
  • Guided meditation and breathing practices.


Cost vary depending on the course format, length and number of participants.


Trainings can be offered at a retreat centre in nature, or at a site that you provide (e.g. your workplace, retreat centre, conference centre).


Presentation can be done in French, English or in both languages.

Designing A Workshop to Meet Your Team’s Needs

Please contact Briya to inquire about designing a workshop to meet the unique needs of your team.