Brahmi for the Mind & Nervous System



“Brahmi is a plant in constant samadhi”

– Berdhanya Swami Tierra

Brahmi (Gotu Kola) is one of my favourite teas to enjoy during my workday, especially when calm, clarity, compassion, focus and mental endurance are required.

The name Brahmi means “that which gives knowledge of the Supreme Reality”.

In its essence, the plant connects us with the pure awareness within our material (feminine) creative potential.

Throughout history, brahmi has long considered an important food for yogis and meditators, particularly for Vedic scholars who had to memorize very long texts.


  • revitalizes the brain cells, improving cognition, memory and concentration
  • balances, harmonizes and removes blockages and toxins from the nervous system, decreasing mental fatigue;
  • opens the crown chakra and enhances meditation
  • promotes healthy skin and hair
  • delays signs of aging
  • enhances sleep



  • anxiety, nervousness or stress
  • lack of clarity, memory or mental focus, including attention-related disorders
  • anemia
  • insomnia or disturbed sleep
  • aids recovery from drug or alcohol addiction
  • weak immune system
  • stomach acidity
  • issues related to sexual performance or venereal disease



Brahmi can be taken in various forms, including:

  • As a tea : perhaps the simplest way to enjoy its benefits
  • As a massage oil: Used topically, brahmi oil transports its qualities deep into the tissues to support a balanced emotional state, a balanced response to stress and to  strengthen memory and intellect.
  • During meditation or before bed: Brahmi oil can be rubbed into the crown chakra or into the scalp, as well as to the soles of the feet.
  • In shirodhara (an ayurvedic treatment for the mind): Commonly used in this powerful ayurvedic treatment for the mind
  • Internally: Brahmi ghee, herbal powder or tablets can be taken at bedtime to promote restful sleep
  • Nasal application :  Brahmi is often used in nasal oils to nourish the mind.


Naming Conventions:

Brahmi is the common name for two plants: Gotu Kola (or Centella Asiatica) in North India and Bacopa Monnieri is South India. Both herbs have similar active ingredients and similar properties for supporting cognitive function, mood, memory and focus. There are, however, a few distinctions between these plants.



Those who are pregnant, nursing or with health complications should consult with a physician before taking this herb.



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