Birth Alignments Workshop


“Your destiny is magnetically linked to the movements of the stars. Birth alignments strengthen this sense of inner guidance.”

-Berdhanya Swami Tierra


At the moment of birth, each person receives a distinct cosmic resonance based in the alignment of the planets and stars.

This original cosmic resonance is the source of your inner knowing,and gives direction to your destiny. It determines the cycles that you experience (intensity, challenges, personal dynamics) and has a strong influence over your decisions, moods and our impulses.

When we are misaligned with our original resonance, we experience confusion and a lack clarity in our purpose and direction.

This unique workshop supports a harmonization between your physical body and the constellations which guide your life.

To Register: You will need your birth chart and the Vedic astrological cycle you are currently in. This will be provided upon registration. Please register at least one week early (by June 30) to allow time to prepare your birth chart.