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Ayurveda Basics

Self-Test: What’s Your Dosha?

Self-Test: What’s Your Guna?

The Book of Vata

The Book of Pitta

The Book of Kapha


Ayurvedic Lifestyle

The Art of Eating: 7 Ayurvedic Tips for Energy, Vitality & Better Digestion

The Art of Food Combination

Understanding Sleep Cycles Through Ayurveda


Adjusting to the Seasons with Ayurveda


Essential Recipes

Ayurveda Essentials: Ghee (Clarified Butter

Ayurveda Essentials: Kicharee (The One-Dish Wonder)

Ayurveda Essentials: Triphala, The Ayurvedic Panacea


Wellness & Beauty Routines

At Home Treatment: The Third Eye Compress

Nourishing Rosewater & Turmeric Face Mask


Other Articles

Ojas: The Glow and Radiance of Good Health

Panchakarma: The Ayurvedic Program for Detoxifcation & Rejuvenation

Light & Simple Ayurveda-Inspired Cleanse

Ayurveda and Your Stress Type