Summer Yoga & Meditation Series With Briya

Are you a graduate of Practical Awakening?
  • Would you like support with your practice?
  • Or, do you need some summer inspiration?
  • Would you like some help to go back to your daily practice, after a period of absence?

If so, join Briya on Wednesdays for an indoor/outdoor yoga & meditation series.


Summer Yoga & Meditation Series With Briya

  • Gentle yoga + meditation suitable for all experience levels;
  • Open to all graduates of the Practical Awakening Course;
  • Meet @ 36 Simcoe Street; classes will be held indoors or, hopefully (!) outdoors @ Springhurst Park (weather permitting);
  • Your questions regarding your meditation practice and ayurvedic diet and lifestyle are also welcome.
Starts Wednesday, May 31 – June 28 (no class June 21)
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm @ 36 Simcoe Street; $15 per session
For more info or to register: or text 819-598-6380
Curious about Practical Awakening? Learn more here

Essential Herbal Formula : Triphala


Triphala is probably the best ayurvedic formula for general detoxification & rejuvenation of the body. It has no known side effects and can offer great support to those suffering from digestive sensitivities, constipation, low iron levels, acne or weight gain.
Triphala is a simple compound of 3 fruits that balances the 3 doshas. It is one of the first formulas that I recommend to vegetarians, as well as those interested in yoga, meditation, natural medicine or self-healing. 

read more here

Essential Recipe: Ghee (Clarified Butter)


Ghee (clarified butter) is widely esteemed in ayurveda (as well as in french cuisine). It is widely considered to be the healthiest cooking oil on the market.

And did I mention that it is delicious?

Cooking with ghee supports good digestion, lubricates the intestinal tract and improves the absorption and assimilation of nutrients. The texts say that ghee strengthens the mind, memory, intelligence and decision-making. It gives vitality, flexibility, longevity, nourishes reproductive functions and makes the body strong and attractive. 

Ghee is generally well-tolerated by those with dairy sensitivities, allergies, or candida (since milk solids have been removed), and can tolerate high-heat cooking.

You can buy ghee in retail stores, but I prefer to make my own. The act of making ghee is considered to be purifying to the mind, body and spirit.

Ghee takes about 20-40 minutes to prepare (depending on how much butter you are using).


  • 2 lbs unsalted organic butter
  • 1-4 clean jars for storage (I like to run mine in the sanitize function of my dishwasher)



  • In a heavy sauce pan, melt the butter over low-medium heat. Do not cover the pot.
  • The butter will melt & start to bubble and make a hissing sound. There will also be a form that boils up to the top of the surface. Do not remove the foam.
  • Watch the ghee closely toward the end, to make sure it does not burn.
  • You will know the ghee is ready when it turns to a golden colour, and when some of the curds turn into a golden brown colour. Remove from heat.
  • Allow the ghee to cool and before it hardens, pour the ghee into a fine mesh strainer (or cheesecloth)  into a clean glass jar.
  • You can discard the milk solids or use them for skin massage if you have dry skin.


Caring for your ghee:

  • Ghee does not need refrigeration.
  • Only use a clean, dry spoon to use the ghee. Do not let any water particles (e.g. using a wet spoon) into the ghee, or it will become mouldy.

Recipe for Digestion & Cleansing: Tumeric-Ginger Juice


This week, I was in Edmonton, Alberta supporting a silent retreat guided by my teacher, Berdhanya Swami Tierra.

Participants needed a digestive boost, so we prepared several rounds of this ginger and turmeric juice, sweetened with honey (see recipe on my blog). I think they were surprised by how much they loved it!

There is nothing like having a strong appetite to improve how much we enjoy our meals.

Quand l’appetit va, tout va, say the French.

It is also normal that digestion may need extra care if you are in a period of stress, transition, lifestyle change or at the change of seasons.

Ayurveda is rich with delicious recipes, herbals formulas and timeless lifestyle techniques to support your digestion and support your overall health.

If you are a woman in the Ottawa area, and you’d like to know more, join us tomorrow night for the Bloom Project, where we’ll be discussion this and other delicious tips for better digestion, energy, immunity and radiant health.

Expect a small ground of women and 5-weeks of immersion into better knowing of your sweet self.

Message me for details or vist my blog to learn more.

In Service,


My Love Story With Ayurveda


One of the main reasons I took to ayurveda so naturally from the beginning is because I felt it answered the questions I had in my youth about what was missing from own family lineage and upbringing.

I’m sure that many Canadians can relate. Our ancestors spent generations moving from place to place, mixing with other cultures and traditions and often, just trying to survive.


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*new course for spring 2017* : on women’s self-care & self-connection

Bloom Project 3.jpg

The Bloom Project

A 5-Week Course in Women’s Self-Care & Self-Connection

  • Explore self-care practices for greater energy, stress-reduction & vitality
  • Learn to connect with your body through feminine ways of knowing (e.g. intuition, guided meditations)
  • Based in the timeless holistic science of ayurveda. Small groups. No experience required.

Join a small group of women to explore:

  • Simple & delicious ways to improve your digestion
  • The different mind-body types & learn to care for yours
  • An introduction to the healing energy of food & herbal medicine
  • At-home practices to relieve stress & balance emotions
  • How to align with nature’s cycles — the earth, sun & moon  — for better sleep & energy
  • Skin care for radiant, glowing skin
  • How to connect with your passion & creativity for better health

Who Is This Course For?

  • Women of all ages seeking to make a positive change in their overall health & vitality from a holistic approach
  • Women ready to take the next step in self-care & to connect with the wisdom of their bodies
  • Women who are seeking an alternative approach to dealing with health concerns (e.g. digestion, anxiety, depression, menstrual difficulties, etc)
  • All ages welcome; no prior experience is required.


Thursdays, May 18 – June 15 (5 weeks) from  7 pm – 8:30 pm

36 Simcoe Street, Ottawa  (near Main Street/Lees)

Cost: $245

To Register/Inquiries: Advance registration is required. Contact or call 819-598-6380.

20170116_142008-2Your Instructor:

Briya Freeman has been facilitating courses in meditation and natural wellness in Ottawa since 2011, in both private and corporate settings. As a facilitator and guide, she is known to be engaging, inspiring and real, and to offer depth of insight from a heart of compassion.

Briya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and over 10 years of studies in natural health, yoga, meditation, herbalism, and ayurveda, including studies at the Anjali School of Panchakarma and Ayurveda (Kerala, India). She is a long-term student of Berdhanya Swami Tierra, a mystic and shaman of South American origin.

See Testimonials of others who have worked with Briya

Understanding Sleep Cycles Through Ayurveda

Sound sleep is one of the most vital aspects of your health.

When you don’t sleep well, it’s hard to feel fully energized and engaged in your daily life.

Good sleep optimizes your optimize your healing, the sharpness of your intellect and your emotional balance. It also boosts the immune system and builds new neural pathways in the brain. 

With the advent of electronics, television and social media, we sometime lose sight of the importance of aligning our rhythms with the natural world. We can stay up late at night, working on our computer, and then wonder why we have a hard time falling asleep at night.

The holistic science of ayurveda (science of wise living) helps us stay connected to Earth’s rhythms with a few basic guidelines. If you’re new to ayurveda, remember that it’s not so important that keep a perfect routine. Just get familiarized with the principles so you can start understanding your own rhythms.

Here they are:

Saluting the Sun: Why Getting Up Earlier Gives You More Energy  

You will probably notice that, when you sleep in, you actually feel more tired throughout the day than if you get up early.

Ayurvedically, this can be explained because the heavy, sluggish qualities of kapha dosha (the earth/water element) predominate between 6 am – 10 am (or after sunrise, depending on your climate). The best way to balance kapha’s typically heavy qualities is to rise before sunrise and to engage in some physical activity at this time (between 6-10 am). This will actually optimize your workout routine & your energy levels for the day, and can even help you to lose weight.

Sleeping in late into the morning will generally aggravate kapha dosha, leaving you feel more tired and slugging throughout the day. You may have noticed this in your own body.

“Rising with the sun is to gives your aura the chance to align with the magnetic field of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. The wisdom of the day will be vibrating in your pituitary gland.” – Berdhanya Swami Tierra


Your Afternoon Siesta: The Upside & Downside

Ayurveda cautions us against napping too much during the day, which can throw off the rest of our sleep cycle for the day.

Of course – ayurveda also makes many exceptions to this rule: naps during the day are fine if you are ill, healing, pregnant or elderly. Napping can also help to balance vata dosha, and can also help assimilate a change in frequency (energetic shift) or new information.

In modern society, vata-imbalances tend to dominate, occasional napping is can support healing and balance. Just watch for post-nap feelings of kapha aggravation (including signs of depression, lethargy, diabetes, congestion, heaviness or being overweight). After a nap, you can keep yourself in balance through appropriate exercise and diet (e.g. by taking a post-nap walk and preparing lighter foods for dinner).

Go To Bed Early : Catch the 10pm Sleep Train

Having trouble falling asleep?

Sleep tends to come more easily if we go to bed before 10 pm, where the qualities of heaviness and calm predominate in the natural world (kapha time).

After 10 pm, the body experiences a surge of pitta qualities (fire, transformational). If you are awake during this time, you may experience a burst of energy (a ‘second wind’) or start to feel hungry (as pitta ignites the metabolism). However, if you are asleep during this time, your body will direct pitta’s transformational qualities for healing, regeneration and the assimilation of your food and experiences.

Be Flexible.

Your body thrives on routine. However, life will always have its ebbs and flows, and you don’t really need a perfect routine to have great health. Following these rules 80% of the time gives you the strength and stamina to break them whenever you need to.

In the beginning, just notice how great you feel by making a few small changes in your normal cycle. I guarantee that you will quickly notice benefits in your energy levels, mental sharpness, and ability to heal — as well as in your overall well-being.

Sleep well!