Ashwaghanda: A Great Winter Tonic for Both Men and Women


Ashwagandha is one of my favourite herbs to use in the winter months, or in times of high stress.

It’s also quite natural that the body will need extra support, especially if you are a vegetarian and/or living in -20 weather.

When we feel stressed, we often naturally look for stimulants (sugar, caffeine, alchohol, extra food, distractions) to “ground” or to replace the energy that we need.

Here, ashwaghanda supports energy that is calm, nourished, strong and revitalizing. When taken regularly, it serves to boost the immune system, supports sound sleep, nourishes the reproductive system (for both men and women) and gives energy, strength and vitality.

It’s name ashwaghanda literally means “smells like a horse”, in reference to its ginseng-y smell and its impact on male reproductive system (e.g. horse-like virility).

Ashwaghanda is especially suitable for balancing vata and kapha dosha.


How To Take It

Most types will benefit from taking 1-2 teaspoons of ashwadhanda daily, either in the form of a powder or tablet, or in honey or in warm milk.



Ashwaghanda is sometimes used in pregnancy, but is generally not recommended unless under the direction of your doctor or naturopath. Avoid in cases of excess pitta.



Ashwaghanda-Based Recipe Ideas

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