6 Weeks to Vibrant Health Through Ayurveda

“Ayurveda teaches the relationship between nature, plants, food, lifestyle, our bodies and our healing.

It is a complete science that supports the seeker to open a space in the body for spirit to descend.

It is to understand that spirit loves matter; and that matter needs spirit to be complete, to be in harmony.”

– Berdhanya Swami Tierra


From the wisdom of ayurveda, we understand that true beauty, wisdom, health and well-being come from our alignment with our true nature, rather than from any external source.

This free, downloadable 8-week course will introduce you to the core of ayurveda and natural wellness, including:

  • How understanding your unique body type is key in creating a life of balance, strength and radiance;
  • Simple dietary principles & recipes that are easy, healthy, nourishing and delicious;
  • Understanding the Power of Thought & Your Digestion
  • How to Transform Stress into Vitality
  • Mastering the Art of Rest & Self-Care
  • The most powerful tool for self-care to rejuvenate your essence at any time;
  • The science of Passion and Vitality;
  • Using herbal teas and supplements.


Available June 2016.

Enquiries: bala.bioenergetics@gmail.com