November News: Moving, Activating Grace & A Miracle Tea


Dear Ones,

I hope the fall is treating you well, as we things start to accelerate as we prepare for the winter holidays.

Tonight, I am hanging out by a wood-burning stove after a few weeks of unexpected movements and upheaval. The last few months have taken me away from my new home (+ teaching space) in downtown Ottawa to the gorgeous hills outside of Wakefield, Quebec.

All unplanned, but (as always), I am in good hands.

I wanted to keep the connection with you through this most inspired course on grace via Skype, developed by my teacher, Berdhanya Swami Tierra.For those who have taken Practical Awakening, the Temple of Grace Course explores the first layer of the soul bodies. Here, we will move beyond Earth perception into the understanding of  “I create my reality and all my experiences”.

Over 5-weeks, we will explore this and other related topics, including:

  • the sixth chakra and it’s role: discrimination, self-confidence, immunity, and clear projections
  • your relationship to your gifts in your daily life;
  • the impacts of your good deeds (i.e. good karma);
  • the energetic impacts and resources to heal the impacts of guilt, fear and self-judgment;
  • access to higher guidance and intuition.

It’s a very powerful course, and generally leaves people feeling very inspired, uplifted and with new perspectives on themselves and their reality.

Open to all, and starts this Thursday on Skype.

Details are here

I’m also sharing an article this week on 10 Incredible Benefits of Tulsi Tea, an incomparable herbal ally to keep you energized, grounded and healthy this fall and winter.

Have a great November.

In Service,


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