*introduction to the practice of fire ceremony (agni hotra)* – free course


An Ancient Practice with Physical, Spiritual & Environmental Benefits

Fire ceremonies have been practiced across the ages by different cultures and traditions for various benefits.

Agni hotra is an ancient ceremony originating from the science of ayurveda. It is a simple practice to bring healing benefits to your body, your home and for our Earth.

Agni hotra means healing through fire : agni means fire and hotra means healing.

Agni hotra also helps to purify the environment (reduce pollution and environmental toxins), heal mental and emotional stress and support healthy agriculture.

The practice of agni hotra is based in the understanding of natural laws and is not associated with any religious belief. It can be performed by anyone of pure intention.

Please join us on Monday, July 17 at 7:30 pm at 36 Simcoe Street in Ottawa.

All welcome. Please RSVP.

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