Recipe for Digestion & Cleansing: Tumeric-Ginger Juice


This week, I was in Edmonton, Alberta supporting a silent retreat guided by my teacher, Berdhanya Swami Tierra.

Participants needed a digestive boost, so we prepared several rounds of this ginger and turmeric juice, sweetened with honey (see recipe on my blog). I think they were surprised by how much they loved it!

There is nothing like having a strong appetite to improve how much we enjoy our meals.

Quand l’appetit va, tout va, say the French.

It is also normal that digestion may need extra care if you are in a period of stress, transition, lifestyle change or at the change of seasons.

Ayurveda is rich with delicious recipes, herbals formulas and timeless lifestyle techniques to support your digestion and support your overall health.

If you are a woman in the Ottawa area, and you’d like to know more, join us tomorrow night for the Bloom Project, where we’ll be discussion this and other delicious tips for better digestion, energy, immunity and radiant health.

Expect a small ground of women and 5-weeks of immersion into better knowing of your sweet self.

Message me for details or vist my blog to learn more.

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