*april news*: what i’ve been up to…

Dear friends,

I hope this message finds you well.

After a quiet winter, I’m writing a short update to bring you up to speed on some personal news.

As some of you may know, I took the decision this September to officially resign from my full-time job with the federal government. It was a big move, after 11 years of service, but one I had always known would come (from day 1 in the government, actually). When I made the decision, I honestly did not know exactly what I would come next, I just knew that it was time to move on. Everyone at work kept asking what my plan was…!

Since my “retirement”, I have mostly taken a break from teaching to do some travelling, writing, spiritual study and self-care. I have also had the great pleasure of visiting Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Belize, and have had some amazing and really sweet experiences.

Retreat with Berdhanya Swami Tierra in Belize

I also recently received a new spiritual name — Briya — which means light or untouched. Spiritual names are used in various world traditions to mark the transition to a new state of being or frequency; mine came after a few powerful personal transitions over the last year, through my teacher, Berdhanya Swami Tierra. After 6.5 years of study with Berdhanya, I remain inspired (and mostly, in awe) of the depths of the spirituality we are exploring together.

If you are in Ottawa, I hope that you are all enjoying the much anticipated arrival of spring. I know I am.

I look forward to connecting with many of you in the coming months, and will keep you posted on any upcoming courses.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.

In Service,


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