*self-care tips from ayurveda for spring*

It’s finally spring …! Have you noticed any changes in your appetite, energy levels and mood?

For example:

  • are you finding it harder to get up in the morning? or feel heavy when you try to do anything physical?
  • do you have a cold, mucus or congestion?
  • do you feel lazy, stagnant or depressed?
  • have you noticed a decrease in your appetite?

or perhaps, have you noticed:

  • a boost in energy levels?
  • feeling like you want to renew some parts of yourself (meet new people, learn a new skill, clean out your closet)?

At springtime  — like the melting snow outside — everything that has accumulated in your body over the winter months melts into the subtle channels of your body.

This can cause symptoms (such as colds, sensitive digestion or moodiness), which indicate that your body is doing what it should at this time of year: spring cleaning.

The secret to staying balanced at spring is to understand and care for kapha dosha.

This week, I’m sharing 7 simple tips to stay balanced this spring season to help you to manage any transition symptoms you may be feeling. These tips are easy, intuitive and mostly free to implement.

Check it out & let me know what you think!

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