10 Plants to Get to Know in 2017

Happy 2017!

I hope you had a great and restful holiday season.

With the new cycle upon us, most people are thinking about setting new personal goals, resolutions or intentions for the year to come.

Often, we think that achieving our goals is about mind-over-matter— that with a certain amount of discipline, hard work and focus, we can achieve anything. In many ways, this is true.

From another perspective, the loving care of your matter (latin mater: mother, feminine, earth aspect of self) is incredibly important. Here, the plant world offers an incomparable diversity of support, helping us to restore a stress-free attitude, mental clarity, physical stamina, and a compassionate heart.

I’ve made a shortlist of 10 plants to get to know in 2017. These are especially helpful if you are trying to establish health goals or personal resolutions, or if you are feeling a little out-of-balance after a decadent holiday.

Enjoy, and best wishes for 2017.


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