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Dear Ones,

I’d like to tell you about an upcoming course here in Ottawa  – called the Temple of Grace — that I am very excited about.

This 5 week course explores the theme of GRACE from the perspective of your day-to-day life. Grace, of course, refers not to the outer situations that we face, but to your countenance, your confidence, and your connectedness with truth in the face of these trials & opportunities for self-definition. By understanding the energetics of grace & by aligning with her attitudes, we also align with a network of synchronistic support, prosperity & opportunity.

It is always amazing to me, that every time we change our perspective about something, our outer reality immediately changes. Reality is truly in the eye of the beholder (or so says quantum physics and every other spiritual teacher I know). We can change a great deal by changing how we perceive ourselves (and others), and by facing some of our deeper habits (e.g. guilt) that may be getting in the way of expressing those that are more life-enhancing.

At the same time, it is not merely about “mind over matter” — most of the inner attitudes that we need to shift are difficult to see from our own self-analysis. In my experience, an objective guide can offer perspectives that are life-promoting & regenerating (rather than being stuck on your own hamster-wheel of inner questions).

The Temple of Grace course uses gentle yoga, guided meditation & knowledge from both contemporary and traditional systems to better understand the support system available to you in every moment, and to bring something concrete & enlivening to your reality.

*I hope you can join us* for this uplifting & inspirational 5 week series.
Registration closes May 21;
Course starts May 26 @ 5:30 pm
Cost : $180 (5 weeks);
All details are here

In Service,

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