*do not miss it!* : The Ra Ceremony, April 29th in Ottawa


Our earliest relationships — generally, with our biological parents — have a deep impact on the way we relate to others and on our perception of reality.

This 4 hour process uses modern shamanic practices to explore the subconscious mind in relation to our most formative relationships.

Using guided meditation, we will explore the themes of spiritual contracts (e.g. choice of parents) and inherited or limiting belief systems, exploring their impacts on our energetic field and in the dynamics of personal relationships.

Safe, intimate, transformative.

No experience required; seekers of all backgrounds welcome.

Do not miss this ceremony!

The Ra Ceremony is ideal for:

  • teens or young adults in need of a rite of passage ceremony (can be done at any age);
  • those seeking greater independence, creative expression, prosperity, connection or support on earth;
  • those working with relationship issues related to guilt, boundaries, co-dependency, or personal authority;
  • healers, intuitives and/or those seeking to establish themselves in higher frequency realities, or in the realization of personal freedom;

What to expect:

  • an exploration of spiritual contracts (e.g. the choice of parents & life lessons);
  • gentle yoga, breathing exercises & guided meditation / ceremony;
  • a renewed perspective of self the context of human relationships;


Friday, January 12, 6:00 – 9:00 pm (3 hours)
Location: 36 Simcoe Street in Ottawa.
Cost: $275



“I experienced this workshop yesterday. It felt authentic, and when reviewing the work and experiences we had together, Bala was able to put things into a useful and authentic perspective (in the Bioenergetics philosophy of metaphysics, which accords somewhat with other things I have experienced directly or have learned, although this tradition is new to me).

The constant encouragement to keep smiling and take the experience lightly kept dealing with some challenging issues for all of us somewhat light and easy, leaving it a possitive and useful experience for me, and for others there as well (who can speak for themselves).

Thank you Briya Freeman , I’m interested in exploring more of this tradition thank you for being a guide in these spiritual matters, it is a time in my life and in the world generally I think where having spiritual guides is a precious thing.” – Michael

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