*December Update*

One by one, all the planets, stars and galaxies, take their turn to announce their wisdom in your nervous system.

One by one, they are encouraging us to see the bigger picture and to align our wisdom with them.”

– Berdhanya Swami Tierra

Dear Ones,

Seeing the bigger picture is not always an easy thing to do.

Often, we get stuck in habitual responses to life — hurt, shame, fear, anger, stress, victimization, “being nice”, blaming others — which inhibit our ability to perceive things as they are and to see what we really need to do. Through our greatest challenges and upsets, life provides infinite opportunities to express ourselves in more authentic, inspired, creative and empowered ways. The journey is endless and the rewards are sweet: you get be your really authentic, highly inspired and totally in love with life Self.

This semester, I am immersed in the studies of the cosmos, which I adore. As you know, these times are quite different than previously experienced on Earth. The intensified energy can mean an acceleration in our responsibilitities,  lessons and trials, as well as in our  capacity for broader perception. The key here is to keep sight of the bigger picture (whether you are meditating or not), rather than getting discouraged in self-defeating thoughts or limited perception. That’s where I can help. 🙂

This week, I am very excited to be offering the birth alignements course (Thursday on Simcoe street in Ottawa). This workshop is brand new and very current to these times, and offers a powerful opportunity to understand the planetary influences that you (yes, you) are working with right now, and how to align with these forces (rather than get discouraged by them). It is ideal if you are in a period of transition or adjustment, feel stuck or limited, or want to take a broader perspective on your current life phase. As with all my courses, these things need to be experienced to be understood but rest assured that it is cool and very broadening to the mind and spirit.

To register, please send me your exact time of birth and location by Tuesday night (so I can have some time to prepare your birth chart).

Hope to see you there.

Have a great week.

In Service,

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