My Fall Cleanse : Moving Stress Out of the Body with Ayurveda

Last week, I finished a 7-day ayurvedic cleanse (called panchakarma), which involves daily oil massage.
That’s right. 7 days of daily oil massage.
The oil massage can be done at home (on yourself) or by an ayurvedic practitioner.
In Sanskrit, the word sneha means both oil and love … meaning that these oil treatments remind your body how to relax into love of life (and love of self), rather than to constrict through habitual stress responses.
Understanding the Subtle Energies of the Doshas
Panchakarma is distinct from other cleanses because it brings balance to the doshas, which are like elemental-combinations in the body. For example:
  • imbalanced vata (the air element): insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, dryness, constipation, irregular appetite. Vata rules the nervous system and all movements of the body (e.g. digestion, mental).
  • imbalanced pitta (the fire element): anger, irritation, resentment, impatience, skin irritations, acne, eyes. Pitta rules your vision, your complexion, your mental comprehension and the liver.
  • imbalanced kapha (the water element): weight gain, depression, laziness, lethargy, greed, indolence. Kapha rules your strength, your fertility, your lubrication and your physical structure.
The Benefits of Panchakarma
Affectionately known as “PK”, panchakarma is the ayurvedic system for purification of the body. It is distinct from other cleanses, as it looks to support and improve the functioning of the doshas (or subtle energies, vata, pitta, kapha). It also works through
The benefits of PK are numerous:
  • acts as a preventative medicine against accumulated stress and more advanced stages of disease;
  • can cure or improve chronic conditions that allopathy has not been able to address, such as allergies, arthritis/joint pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, vision problems and migraines.
  • can increase an individual’s sense of clarity and inner peace;
  • helps remove accumulated stress from the body (either physical, emotional or mental).

For countless generations, those interested in embodied spirituality and higher states of consciousness have used this medicine for generations to improve the quality of their spiritual practices and perception.

It is truly something to experience.


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