Gratitude Through the Global Transition


Life In A Dark Room

In a room without light, it’s difficult to know what’s really going on.

The room may be a total mess, with dust under the bed and objects out of alignment, but we don’t really know, because we’re living in darkness. This room might even feel somewhat comfortable, although the air is  musty and we keep stepping on things that hurt our feet.

On some level, we know that the room is not being properly utilized, but it is difficult to do anything about it until someone comes in and turns on the light.

The Entrance of New Frequencies / Light

When we introduce light into the dark room, we suddenly have an awareness of the true state of our affairs. All of the dirt, the disorder, the ugliness and the shadows are exposed for what they are. The light might hurt our eyes, or be felt as an unpleasant experience, even though in actuality, we are now better able to see what is there.

In the same way, on a spiritual level, when new frequencies (or information) enters our bodies or the earth, it is normal to sense a certain chaos, fear, discomfort or disorder within and around us. Sometimes this can come in as an unsettling personal situation, such as through illness or relationship issues.  At a global level, it can come through environmental changes, through war or unsettling economic or political situations or through global crises.

Light, Shadows & Opportunity

What is fundamental here is the choice we make in how to receive the new light available.

At first, we may get discouraged by the state of affairs in the room. We may beat ourselves up or try to blame others (or our governments) for how awful the room looks. This position is totally natural in front of the disillusionment, the new awareness of the state of the room. There is nothing wrong with taking this position, but over time, it will leave us feeling powerless, angry or fearful of the whole.

As we mature, we can learn to see the dirt in the room for what it is, and to simply take the opportunity to pull out the vaccum, tidy up our own affairs and do what is required with grace and compassion. We begin to realize, piece-by-piece, day-by-day, that we have been telling ourselves about our insufficiency, our smallness, and our victimization are just excuses from dealing with the room as it is.

We start to see that there are many different ways to react to any given situation, and that perhaps the way that we have been programmed to see things is not really serving our betterment or our alignment with what it is we want. Slowly, our eyes take shape as those that see the grace in all of circumstances, even if things as they appear do not align perfectly with how we feel life should be for us.

By dealing with the mess in the room in small, loving ways, we are somehow improving things for ourselves. It may not be grandiose or movie-star worthy, but, bit by bit, life will reveal that more light, more opportunity exists within that very small room than we had perceived before. Others may prefer to shield their eyes and avoid the inner state work required here, but eventually we need to come to terms with the fact that the internal re-alignment is what we’re here for. No matter what it looks like, how daunting it may seem or how it may feel at times. It is the great undressing that also feels like kindness.

Meditating While You Read the News

I once went to heard the Dalai Lama speak to an audience in Ottawa.

The interviewer asked him to describe his meditation practice. I think she was expecting him to respond with some kind of detail about a 3-hour esoteric thing that no normal human could ever measure up to. Instead, he laughed in his simple way, responding that his daily meditation practice included reading the world news.

At that time, it was difficult for me to equate what I knew of meditation — my eyes-closed, seated practice, in which I took a ‘break’ from the world — with the embodiment of love, discrimination and practicality that I saw in this man. It was not until later that I understood that the pain of the human condition doesn’t really go away in a state of personal freedom, it’s just that it is not the source of our energy or our identity.

I never read the news in the same way again.

We Already Have Global Unity, It’s Just That We Aren’t Owning It.

We sometimes forget that our hearts, minds and emotional states are intricately connected to the earth and all of its inhabitants. What is experienced in Syria or in Ethiopia is felt by all of us on some level, even though we may not be consciously aware of it. In the same way, what we give back to the grid in terms of our emotional state is received by the whole.

The force of positive energy can always outdo the force of anything negative (and if you don’t believe me, ask anyone who has ever been in love). We are the ones choosing our energy source, whether we chose to be aligned with fear and separation, or with love, inspiration and wisdom. It is only through our inspiration and our love that we can plug into these new energies, that we can recognize the blessings and the creative potential of each moment.

You don’t have to singlehandedly solve the world’s problems, or have a 20 year meditation practice, or be some stone-cold standard of perfection. Even your smallest acts of generosity, compassion and authentic alignment with self are felt by the whole. By choosing, moment-to-moment, in the face of all obstacles and discomforts, to fuel yourself in the real source of renewable energy (your love), even the most tenacious of our limitations and irritations lose weight, giving rise to a breathtaking world of grace, opportunity and wonder.

I am in awe of mother nature this weekend, and to my extended human family who keep me constantly inspired through their examples of wisdom, compassion, resilience and sweetness.

Have a Great Thanksgiving.


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