Upcoming : Initiation to Soul Understanding, Choice & Self-Responsibility

Greetings friends,

One of the most rewarding aspects of working from a position of self-responsibility (“I am the creator of my life and all my experiences”) is that we can also take the position that every obstacle is just an opportunity to grow.

From this perspective, our capacity for authentic human expression — in our careers, our families, our romantic relationships and in all of our life adventures  — comes from the authenticity of our connection to ourselves. If we feel trapped, limited or constrained by our life or our relationships, we can chose to  blame ourselves or others, or we can meet the situation with self-compassion and neutrality, and use the obstacle to embrace our adventure and mature our human understanding.

Life is constantly inviting us to evolve — perhaps at an even greater pace in these times — and sometimes we need a little external friction to get the message that it’s time to adjust.

This week, I am excited to be offering a Ra Ceremony. In this one-day course, we will be working through shamanic understanding and the iconography of the subconscious mind. The Ra Ceremony serves as an initiation to spirit guides and spiritual contracts, to lessen energetic ties to limited roles and self-perception (e.g. guilt, shame, fear and misplaced obligations) and to expand your perception of freedom, authenticity and potentiality.

If you are new to shamanic ceremony, I can only say that the experience is usually profound, magical and quite intuitive and down-to-earth. You can expect a small group, simple teachings and new perspectives on your life.

Monday July 6  in Ottawa;
5-9pm; $100
No prior experience required.
More information here

If you are coming, be sure to RSVP by July 2.

Hope to see you there.

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