Summer Recipes for Pitta Dosha

relaxLong days, vacations, patios and refreshing dips in Canadian lakes make this season on of my favourites.

Summer is pitta season, meaning that the elements of water and fire tend to dominate. While we can enjoy summer’s expansive energy, it’s important to balance our diets and activities with foods that are cooling. Pittas do best with foods that are sweet (like most fruits), bitter (like greens) and astringent (like legumes) and are wise to avoid excess alcohol, caffeine and fried, oily foods. You can also balance your activities by taking siestas, doing light gardening, exercising in the early morning and evening, and avoiding too much exposure to the sun.

Here are some simple summer recipes to keep things sweet, delicious this summer

Cooling Aloe-Rose Drink

Cool Cucumber Garden Drink

South Indian Pineapple Curry

Thai Carrot Cream Soup

Coriander Green Salad Dressing

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