Your Life is Your Creation

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“Whatever our creation is, we need to embrace it with forgiveness, awareness and true compassion.

We need to realize that all along we have done the best we could in all circumstances and that the results coming from our little self are totally bearable.

We need to trust our ability to create from a place of lucidity, softness and acceptance.”

– Bhuvaneswari Devi

Dear friend,

It is easy to recognize — when you take a step back from your daily routine for a moment — that your current life lessons are a mixed bag of the beautiful, the humourous and the entertaining, as well as bewildering, frustrating and, at times, incredibly painful.

What are you living right now?
What themes are you exploring?

In general, life experience come in two forms: opportunities for friction (to test you and to expand what you think you are) and opportunities for celebration (for you to relax and simply enjoy being on earth). If you try to maintain either state, it will always elude you. The key to enjoying your dance with life is in your non-resistance to whatever situation arises, and in the quality of your self-perception and self-acceptance.

Next week, we start the Temple of Grace Course (Wednesday night @ my new place in Wellington West) which focuses on these themes. Course details are here. Please let me know by Saturday if you are interested in joining us!

Have a great week.

In Service,

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