march news – spring intentions

“The heart which is free from any stories creates successful actions and meaningful contact with others.”
– Bhuvaneswari Devi

Happy Friday!

This weekend marks the Spring Equinox, or the first days of Spring.

One of my favorite traditions for this time of year was taught to me by a close friend who celebrates Nooruz or Persian New Year in early Spring. In Iran, Nooruz is celebrated by cleaning out the house from top to bottom, setting up a fancy table with significant objects and then to buying (and subsequently wearing) a new outfit.

So, since my house is already clean, I am looking forward to taking some time this weekend to pick up some fresh flowers for my new apartment and do some dress shopping…! 

In all seriousness, spring invites us to clean out the old to make space for the new, both in terms of our inner and outer worlds. 

My teacher always tells us that we die and are reborn in every moment. Most of the time, we don’t perceive ourselves in this way, because we identify with who we were yesterday or last week or last year, or with our bad habits or the things we want to change about ourselves.

In reality, it is really only our self-perception (or our stories, as in the quote above) that is stagnant, and once we can lighten this up a little, we can make radical changes in who we are and how we embody ourselves.

The change in perception can come in any way you chose to refresh yourself this season: reading a new book, trying a new recipe, starting a new exercise regime, travelling to a new place, or making a new friend. The natural fertility that we are given at this time of year (with Easter eggs around the corner) allows us to set our intentions for what we would like for the season to come.

For those of you who are interested in refreshing yourself through courses, here’s what I have on schedule for Spring, all at my new place in Wellington West: 

  • The Temple of Grace course starting April 1, focuses on the themes of grace, courage and how you create your reality from self-perception. An ideal course to follow Practical Awakening.
  • the Yoga of Digestion course starting in May focuses on digestion process and healing those suffering from digestive issues such as food intolerances, skin inflammation, hyper-acidity or chronic constipation (for you desk jockey public servants).

Hope to see you soon, and enjoy the weather this weekend.

In Service,

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