Upcoming Course : The Temple of Grace


This 5-week course is an initiation into the essential nature of your purity. 

Ideal for you if :

  • you are aware that you have certain self-limiting and/or self-destructive habits
  • you hold patterns of fear, guilt or victimhood
  • you want to strengthen your connection to spirit guides
  • you suffer from glandular problems, such as hormonal imbalance

What to expect:

  • basic introduction to bioenergetic understanding, suitable for seekers of any level
  • self-enquiry and journaling exercises
  • guided meditations


Wednesdays, May 28 – July 2  (6 weeks)
7 – 8 pm in Chelsea, Quebec (near the Larrimac Golf Club)
Cost: $80
Register by May 21

read more about the course here or contact Bala for more information



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