Why my liver likes this tea

turmericThis week, one of my colleagues brought me some turmeric leaf tea. It’s really delicious and actually looks and tastes more like green tea. Conveniently, it does not stain your teeth orange (like the powder does).

In Chinese Medicine, spring is the season to support the liver. This can be done in a number of ways, such as by increasing green leafy vegetables in your diet, getting more fresh air or through a daily yoga practice. You can also reduce alcohol intake, greasy or fried foods and time spent in front of a computer or television (as the eyes are associated with the liver).


Conveniently, turmeric leaf tea is great for boosting the health of the liver — as well as improving immunity, complexion, reducing bad cholesterol, reducing inflammation (such as in arthritis). It is anti-cancer, high in anti-oxidants, and it helps to break down fat and purify the blood. It’s good for all three doshas, in particular for vata and kapha (due to its heating quality). Pittas will enjoy its bitter taste.

The liver is related to the emotion of anger, frustration and disharmony (or stress). When the liver is functioning well, emotions can run through the body smoothly and efficiently. If you find yourself often getting stuck in these emotions or in high-stress reactions, you may want to consider ways to better support your liver this spring.

And if you want turmeric tea, I am told that Bulk Barn is the place to stock up! 


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