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Practical Awakening is a basic course which introduces you to a daily meditation practice, as well as a better understanding of your self : mind, body, emotions and overall well-being. Here are some testimonials from those who recently completed the course:

“My Practical Awakening experience has been just that: Awakening.
The daily practice has me feeling grounded. Centered. Remiding me that everything I need — all the answers — are inside me. Everything I need. I feel connected. I feel ONE with the sky above and the earth below. My mind no longer feels like my enemy : it feels like my ally. I recommend this course if you are feeling disconnected, stressed, anxious, depressed or generally lost or detached from your sense of self.” -Christine

“What makes this course stand out is that Bala has a gift to see where you are currently misaligned and can gently point you in the right direction. This course is an ideal way to get your life back on track through the adoption of an Ayurvedic diet and the establishment of a meditation practice.”
– Richard

“Taking this class has helped me understand myself better.  It teaches you how to be able to step back and see things from a more calm perspective.  Spirituality is something I had never tried to understand, yet it is one of the most important things we should learn to understand.  If everyone practiced it, the world would be a more loving place.  I strongly believe this is something that should be taught to our children in school!”  – Matt 

womanhair“The Practical Awakening course has surpassed all of my expectations. Coming into the course as someone going through a personal transition and looking for ways to work through that, learn more about myself and to make an overall investment into my physical, mental and emotional well being- I found everything that I was looking for.

Moreover, Bala has introduced me to basics of meditation, finding comfort in stillness and inactivity in order to focus on my inner self. Great course and I greatly recommend it to all.“ -Alex

“When I registered for this class (Practical Awakening), I did not understand that I would be introduced to Ayurveda Lifestyle. Now, I forsee a new path for my life. It is AMAZING! Thank you!”

“For the past four weeks, Bala’s teachings enabled me to jump over a lot of blockages (that I didn’t even know I had). Bala is a truly genuine teacher whose energy and support are essential components on the path of spiritual awakening. Thank you so much for your service!” – Aga 

“My friends have been meditating around me and I really have been faking it without much of an idea about what it was all about. Bala introduced me to realistic, daily meditation practices and levels of consciousness of which I was largely unaware. I learned to assess my current nature from a Ayurvedic perspective, which allows me to adjust my lifestyle for better balance. Bala is kind, bright, sunny, simple, convincing, clear and patient. One of the best investments I have ever made. I intend to deepen my understanding with Bala and her associates.” – Peter

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