march news – greetings from India !



I am writing to you from a terrace overlooking the beaches of the Arabian Sea. My sole responsibility (beyond writing this newsletter) is to wait patiently for lunch to be served and then make it to the school in time for my 2 pm treatment (a massage and head treatment). Waiting has probably been the most challenging aspect of my trip so far, with Mother India always moving at her own pace.

For those who don’t know, I am currently on retreat in Kerala, India, undergoing a traditional program of panchakarma (the traditional program for detoxification and rejuvenation from ayurveda, the Indian system for natural medicine). We’re also here to deepen our study of the subconscious.

We often hear that our thoughts create our reality. While this is true, on some level, it can be incredibly frustrating to hear when we are going through difficult times, or when we don’t understand why we are being faced with certain situations, such as chronic illness, divorce or challenges with our careers or children. This is where objective feedback from someone who has been there, as well as activities which clear the subconscious (such as meditation, art, or certain forms of dance) can be very helpful. These tools may not solve all our problems, but they can help us see things in a different way and allow us to move through our day-to-day situations with more grace, objectivity and understanding.

I return from my travels mid-March and am looking forward to seeing you upon my return!

In Service,


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