What did people say about the course Cellular Breathing?


Check out the reviews below… Really enriching and inspiring course, thanks to all who participated!


“Dear Bala, Thank you so much for your beautiful presence. I felt so elevated during this session and am so grateful. Please for anyone who wants or is thinking about taking this class, you totally should! You will see much benefit.”    – Marie-Eve

What an amazing experience. I believe that I learned even more about myself. I was also able to build on and better understand what I learned during Practical Awakening. I feel energized, cleansed and free.”  –  Carmen

“I am a nurse with a very busy and erratic schedule that often interferes with my best attempt to create a daily practice for myself. I took Bala’s Cellular Breathing workshop in order to learn ways to better manage the daily stresses I encounter. Bala’s instruction was gentle and practical, the exercises were easy to incorporate into a regular routine, and I found myself looking forward to our next sessions together.

Cellular Breathing helped me feel greater peace and harmony at work and at home. Bala’s teaching helped me identify patterns of stress that I was holding onto, and her reminders to be gentle with myself stayed with me long after the course ended.

I believe this course is a great tool for people like myself, working in the healthcare field as it allows you to become aware of the stagnant energies and to find better harmony at home and at work!”  – Bridget (Vancouver, online class)


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