Lighter Choices for After the Holidays …


Here’s a few of my favourites to help you rebalance your tummy after the holiday indulgences. Serve with plenty of sauteed greens!


Kicharee : A one-dish meal to support digestion and detox

Nettle Soup: For energy, detox, arthritis and allergies

Detoxifying Soup for Vata Dosha: Grouding, warm and nourishing

Beet and Celery Soup : the Mozart of soup recipes

Baked Fennel : Balancing, cleansing and strengthening vegetable side dish

Masala Chai Chia Pudding : an energizing snack to satisfy the sweet tooth  

Triphala, an Ayurvedic Panacea – for clearer skin, anemia, constipation, general detox & builder


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